Target Operating Models Design/Implementation

Target Operating Models Design/Implementation™

Operating Model Maturity Model, As-Is and To-Be Designs, Definition of Road-map, KPIs/Metrics and Dashboards, Capacity Model, Capability Model, Governance Model, Credit & Control Models, Regulatory Implementation Strategies, Data Management Models, Data Governance, Technology Architecture, Legacy System Decommission Model, Business Analysis, Customer Journey Strategies. Process Improvement (BPI) can have several different names: business process management (BPM), process re-engineering, continual improvement processes (CIP) and robotic process automation (RPA).

Business Process Framework™

As a transformational business process provider, my approach is to simplify inherited operations, business processes and IT architecture through transformation.

  • Increase process visibility, workflows and alignment with customer’s experience (UX): internal and external voice of customer or users of your services.
  • Cost reduction strategies and initiatives to drive productivity and value
  • Discover, analyse, design, streamline and re-engineer processes to standardise, simplify and automate key processes

Process Business Architecture, Lean Six Sigma Methodologies, Process Maps, Customer Journey Strategies, Process Value Chain, BPO Strategies, and BPM Strategies.

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