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Antonia is the founder and CEO of ecosysBiz for which she has been named among the Top 100 most successful Women in Business for 2022. Antonia is the pioneer of the Business Architect and Target Operating Models, and the leader of this new discipline in the global marketplace. She has educated and supported top executives and c – suite clients, and global organisations have successfully executed her proposed strategic methods. Methodologies have been developed to maximi s e benefits, enabling the creation of economies of scales, centralisation, digitali s ation, niche creation and differentiation strategies, uniqueness, growth and revenue generation while improving margins and reducing costs. She is also a #1 international bestselling author and she has been featured in CEOWORLD, THRIVE GLOBAL, RV N TV, THE STARTUP, GLOBAL WOMAN MAGAZINE, DOPAMINE, MEDIUM, and SUCCESSFUL WOMEN IN BUSINESS among others.
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