Helping Organisations To Transform Uncertainty In Growth And Skyrocket Financial Benefits

“We hired the best in the market: Antonia. She is an expert in helping organizations grow. We cannot recommend her highly enough.”


Operating Model Digitalisation

50% Core Legacy Systems Decommissioning, And 80% Services Re Usability Reducing Cost Income Ratio Below 50%.

Revenue Growth Strategies

Enabled growth of the customer base by 50% and 40% revenue increase in one year.

Business Consolidation /Integration and Automation

Significantly improved financial performance with group underlying profit more than doubled to £6.2 billion.

Innovative Operating Model Implementation

Led to immediate reduced division basis by 45% for stronger profit contribution, and operational productivity increased by 40%.

How Can I Help You?

I help organizations to successfully execute multi-million dollar strategies by employing a unique approach to Business Architecture & Target Operating Models. This is a method I have developed ed extensive experience since I pioneered it, and I possess a successful track record of outstanding results.

Organizations are under considerable pressure in this post-recession global economy. Changing customer requirements and behaviors, technology-driven disruptions, consolidation, intense cost, competitive pressure, and profound regulatory change are forcing organizations to rethink their Business and Operating Models.

As the world becomes more challenging and uncertainty reigns, how do you decide where and how to invest for growth?

I can help you to make the right decision for long-term success.

For over 20 years, I have been helping organizations like yours to grow and successfully skyrocketing-term financial benefits



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